Las Vegas - Double walled stainless steel thermos - Gold / Black - 480 ml Las Vegas - Double walled stainless steel thermos - Gold / Black - 480 ml Las Vegas - Double walled stainless steel thermos - Gold / Black - 480 ml

Las Vegas - Double walled stainless steel thermos - Gold / Black - 480 ml

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Las Vegas is a double-walled, stainless steel thermos that is decorated with more than 4,000 crystals. It is also the best choice as a gift, as the products arrie in beautiful, decorative packaging.

Color: Gold / Black

Volume capacity: 480 ml

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Item Description

Las Vegas double-walled stainless steel thermos decorated with over 4,000 crystals.

Take your favorite drink with you in a stylish heat-storing bottle and drink it during the day at the temperature you prefer. Bottle with a double stainless steel wall with a vacuum between the walls. As a result, the wall does not conduct heat, so the thermos keeps your favorite drink at the desired temperature.

With your glass decorated with more than 4,000 crystals, everyone will be amazed by it. The thermos can be with you anywhere, anytime, from the office to the gym.

BPA free

Everyone is aware of the importance of water, we could write about its millions of positive effects, or we could ask the question, do you drink enough? But it's unnecessary because 90% of the answer wouldn be no.

Never have your water on hand? This is sure to change for a lifetime now. We've brought you the most beautiful bottle ever, which not only keeps your drink at the right temperature and is made of stainless, super-durable steel, but even beautiful.

If you get this, you're sure to be with it all day and use it as proudly as your favorite piece of jewelry.

Contents of your package :

  • 1 double-walled steel thermos of your choice
  • 1 fix kit
  • 1 velvet bag with a logo on it
  • 1 gift box

Unfortunately, however, you may drop it, hit it, hit your bottle, but don't despair. We also expose our products by hand, so you can easily repair any damage.

We provide a free repair kit for this product, which includes :

  • Crystals of the same color as your glass,
  • glue,
  • Orange stick.

Best choice for a gift too! Our products come in beautiful decorative packaging, so you're sure to have the most amazing surprise, whether you want to find the most spectacular gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, girl's party or any special occasion.

  • We cannot accept any liability or warranty for damage or falling crystals resulting from improper use of the product (eg dropping, impact, etc.). If it does occur, use the included repair kit to replace these crystals.
  • The product is not dishwasher safe.
  • The product cannot be heated in a microwave.