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Outer side is neoprene, inner side is a special sharkskin that enhances heat-generation as well as effectiveness of cardio workouts.



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Alaska is an adjustable, velcro sauna belt that perfectly suits your body.
The high-quality neoprene enhances heat-generation: on one hand it makes you sweat to lose weight, on the other hand, it promotes sweat off toxins out of your body.
Alaska's inner layer is a special material called sharkskin, that is water resistant, water repellent and fast drying. Sharkskin promotes fast and easy application and keeps the sweat belt in place even in the most intensive exercises, whilst sweating like crazy.
Alaska sweat belt is ideal to detox and to enhance the effectiveness of cardio exercises. You can also apply Alaska waist belt while cleaning, gardening and doing other chores, including physical labor as well, because it keeps your lower back warm, and helps to generate heat and enhances fat burn.
Contrary to London sports belt, Alaska sauna belt doesn't have any boning, so Alaska doesn't support your waist and abdominal wall, but inner side enhances local fat burn and provides comfortable wear to any workout exercises.
Our Alaska sauna belt comes with a free Legal Beauty measuring tape. Delivered to you in an exclusive gift box.
Please, do not use Alaska sauna belt after a C-section or freshly executed abdominal surgery, because it doesn't have any boning that would support your back and abdominal wall, but it enhances sweating and fat burn.

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